Wearing the Weight of the World

Designers have an important role in creating a future where products come from carefully thought-out, sustainable materials. Sustainability, as defined in the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development is, "Striving to meet the needs of people, culture, and business today in a way that restores the planet and does not compromise our ability to meet the needs of future generations".

The future of textiles, products, and advertising are in the hands of current and future generations of designers. With proper education and an emphasis on innovation and mindfulness in design, along with a reassessing aesthetics of materials, we can shape a future where the our solutions are practical but also sustainable.

This exhibit was created by hand with intentional materials and processes as an example of how changes in the materials and processes we design using can make a difference. My materials included a combination of fabrics that would be composted over time with everyday waste, like single use plastics, collected and repurposed.

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